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best ways to make money online

Selling product via online is fascinating and creepy. You can see that there are approximately 90 million Internet users in our country. There is a large market here. However, on the other hand, it looks like the start of a complicated manner. Dealing with technology, some people may feel clueless before the start. In fact, if you follow step by step like folding origami kindergarten, certainly many offline sellers who participate online. Actually selling online is now very easy since there is an online marketplace. Within 5 minutes from now, you can start selling and find a buyer. Besides marketplace, there is also social media. Even some sellers actually rely on the marketplace or social media to sell without making its own website. It could be. However, there are major weaknesses in the other side. Firstly, the place for selling is not yours. It is like that you ride in someone else’s home sales. As a result, any time you can be kicked. Besides, you will also have not difference with the other sellers. This is not good for the long term because you will never be known.

Second, it is difficult to develop. I often see that people 100% rely on social media to sell. Its business is stable. They never run out of buyers. However, they will hard to grow the business. The solution is to use both marketplace and social media. Raising the website itself takes time. You can take advantage of social media marketplace and introduce them to your own website. Do not rely 100% on the online market. Use it to develop your website.

The biggest problem of people who want to do business is that they do not what to sell. The best choice for the beginner is to make your own products. The digital product is not difficult to be made as long as you already know the capabilities that can be used as a product. Besides, you could also sell services. Another option is to become a reseller or a drop-shipper. Clearly, you should resolve this problem by yourself. It is because you are the one that knows what you want to sell for the long-term business. As mentioned earlier, selling product on the other website or marketplace is not enough. In the short term, is okay but not for long term. You must have your own website. It costs for hosting and domain. However, the cost is nothing compared to the income that you will earn from the sale. If you really want to start without capital, you do not need to create a website. Just sell ​​products or services first and use the money that you earn to build a website.

Talk about selling online. Usually, it is associated with the online store or e-commerce. However, you may not need to shop online. Most people usually only sell 1-5products. If you also like this, do not create an online store that has a variety of features. Precisely it even bothers you. Your time is wasted in setting the features. However, if the product that you sell is few, ultimately the website will look empty. The solution is to create one page for one type of goods. Therefore, you can create a sales page for each individual product. One page can contain a title, a picture or video, description, and how to buy. However, if you have dozens of products, e-commerce system will be easier.

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