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Our site focuses on all aspects of ‘making money online’ MLM being one of the ways. Vasayo is one of the new business to sign up with the ever-growing world of MLM.

It has generated rather some buzz and affiliates are all over social networks trying to recruit new members.

You might have been currently approached to join this opportunity, and you are wondering whether you ought to join or not.

This Vasayo review will supply you with all the details you have to learn about the company, then you can choose if it is worth your money and time.

You likewise need to understand that this is an independent review. Before we get into the full review we want to give you another review as well. This way you’re not only relying on what we have to say here at Dives Vita.

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Okay, lets take a look at Vasayo and complete company details.

Vasayo Evaluation– Company Details

Unlike other MLMs that conceal their ownership details, Vasayo have actually been really transparent about the way the company runs.

Prior to he formed Vasayo, they utilized to run another MLM opportunity referred to as Monavie, with his better half Karree.

Monavie was formed back in 2005.

Dallin was one of the leaders of this MLM and has been at the helm for more than Ten Years.

Dallin was very successful with Monavie, and led the company to attain terrific heights.

Nevertheless, due to unforeseen situations, he was eventually required to relinquish his position with the company.

He likewise took this step to offer others the opportunity of steering the company forward.

Dallin is an active man.

After he left, Dallin began trying to find new ways to spread his wings, which is how he developed the latest endeavor, which is Vasayo.

Currently, Vasayo is under the management of both Dallin along with Dr. Emek Blair.

Dr. Emek Blair is likewise the Chief Science consultant of Vasayo.

Those who have been in the MLM world may feel that Dallin has actually simply reappeared in order to make some extra money.

Nevertheless, he has actually made it really clear that this will be his last venture when it comes to the MLM world.

Vasayo has created so much attention that it appears to be one of the greatest business in the MLM world.

Vasayo Evaluation– Line of product

When it pertains to the product line, Vasayo primarily provides a wide range of supplements and vitamins to their consumers.

There have actually manied MLMs in the past, all handling the exact same items.

Therefore, you may have been asking yourself exactly what is various in between Vasayo and the rest.

Well, what sets Vasayo apart, remains in using technological application, to develop these products.

Inning accordance with Vasayo, many supplements and vitamins on the market today, are developed to be absorbed by the body, upon ingestion.

Vasayo has actually gone a step even more to guarantee that their vitamins and supplements have a 90% absorption rate.

With such a high absorption rate, you get worth for your cash, while the body has less residue or waste to deal with.


As much as the items being used feel and sound fantastic.

You ought to note that they will just be for sale and retail, as from January 2017.

This will happen during the soft launch stage.

The Payment Plan

The company was just recently released, which indicates that they are yet to develop a structured and clear settlement plan.

The company is still in the screening phases and they are yet to launch officially.

Currently, you can join this MLM chance as a leader.

Nevertheless, if you feel that you can sign up with at this stage, you need to satisfy the 8 leadership certifications, which have been stated by this company.

They include:

You need to be a transitional leader

You must possess proven management abilities

You must have established big companies

You need to have large amounts of wisdom

You should be a leader that is reliable

You need to reveal humility

You should be a leader who is a team player

You need to be a leader who desires the very best from others and ready to play a crucial role

If you satisfy all those requirements, then you should join this company, before its official launch, which is expected to be in January 2017.

In regards to making money with this MLM chance, you can do this in using 8 different methods.

Nevertheless, because the company is yet to be formally launched, this info is not currently readily available.

Presently, affiliates can make a commission of as much as 60% from their sales.

In order to make this 60% commission, you should be able to make between $500 and $1000 per month when you at first sign up with as an affiliate.

Apart from the direct commissions, you can likewise earn through double star that runs 7 generations deep.

There is also a 5% executive perk check, together with others.

In order to become an affiliate with this MLM, you are needed to purchase an item.

As soon as you make this purchase, you certify to become an affiliate.

Vasayo Evaluation– Expense to Sign up with

As kept in mind previously, buying an item with this business makes you eligible to become an affiliate.

This implies that the cost to join will totally depend upon the item that you purchase from the business.

In short, the purchase rate will identify the amount needed to join the product.

Given that the Vasayo is still yet to head to the soft launch phase, precise details about such issues is yet to be offered.

Decision– Is Vasayo Legit or Rip-off

If you have been preparing to sign up with the business and you have actually been conducting some background research study, then you may have heard some problems that it is a fraud.

Others will inform you that it is legitimate.

This indicates that you are still unsure whether it is an opportunity that deserves your time.

Honestly speaking, you can say whether the chance is legit or not at this stage.


As much as there is some information missing about the compensation plan, this company seems to be heading in the best instructions.

As soon as the items are released, you will get a chance to make loan online with this MLM chance.

Unlike other rip-offs, they have a clear product line and their background info is there for everybody to see.

More details on Vasayo is coming soon, once they have entirely launched and launched their items into the market.

Thanks for reading my review.

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